New Connectors

We have added a generic RESTAPI Data Source.

Dynamics Connector


    Aligned Dynamics target to use the same syntax as Cinchy target
    Added support for inserting into the id column
    Added error handling to return the failed records and log the error in the sync errors file

Bug Fixes

    Resolved an issue where it was falsely detecting deltas in linked attributes


    Added support for date input format: Unix Time in milliseconds

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue that caused temp files not to be deleted if there was a failure early on in the process
    Resolved some inconsistent behavior with single record and multi record updates through the CLI
    Resolved an issue where the Cinchy target was sometimes not being fully read


Resolved a bug where the exit code was wrong for batch syncs when the data sync completed successfully with errors.


    Null data no longer throws an invalid format exception when being synced

Salesforce Connector

Bug Fixes

    Newline, quotes, and commas are escaped appropriately for syncing into Salesforce
Last modified 1yr ago