Cinchy Query

This page describes how to set up a Cinchy Query as a source for data syncs.

1. Basic Parameters

To connect a Cinchy Query as a Data Source, fill in the following parameters (Image 1):
The domain of the saved query in Cinchy.
Query Name
The name of the saved query in Cinchy.
Optional. An XML-encoded JSON representation of any parameters and their corresponding values.
e.g. { "@businessDate": "@business_date" }
Any part of the Cinchy Query parameter name in the left side of the JSON cannot be a defined parameter in the config. For example you should not have <Parameter name="business"/> or even <Parameter name="b" />
Optional. Timeout in number of seconds (the default is 30).
Image 1: Data Sync basic parameters

2. Schema Columns

  1. 1.
    Add in your applicable columns (Image 2). Review the documentation here for information on the column types available.
Image 2: Add in your schema column(s)