This element defines each column in the data set as well as their data type.

dataType="Text"| "Date"| "Number"| "Bool"| "Geometry"| "Geography"
ordinal="int" -- Depends on the data source
maxLength="int" --OPTIONAL
isMandatory=["true", "false"] --OPTIONAL
validateData=["true", "false"] --OPTIONAL
trimWhiteSpace=["true", "false"] --OPTIONAL
description="string" --OPTIONAL
inputFormat="string" --OPTIONAL



The user defined name for each column. This is used in <ColumnMapping> when you want to indicate the name of the sourceColumn.


The data type of each column could be Text, Date, Number, Bool, Geometry, or Geography.

To sync into a Cinchy table with a Geometry or Geography column, those respective data types must be used in the data sync, and the input should be in well-known text (WKT) format.

The dataType affects how the source and target data is parsed, and also determines how the fields are compared for equality. If your sync keeps updating a field that has not changed, double check your data types.


The ordinal is the order/index of which the heading for that column appears in your data source.

For example, given line 1 of a csv file:

Name, Location, Age

The ordinal for Age would be 3.


The max length of data in the column.


Boolean value determining if the field is a mandatory column to create a row entry.

A defined synckey column of any data type can be checked for NULL values using isMandatory="true", when validation fails, error message is displayed in the command line. For other columns when validation fails, Execution Errors Table is updated with Error Type, Mandatory Rule violation for that column and row that failed.


Boolean value determining whether or not to validate the data before inserting. Valid data means to fit all the constraints of the column (dataType, maxLength, isMandatory, inputFormat). If the data is not valid and validateData is true, then the entry will not be synced into the table. Also, Execution Errors Table is updated with appropriate Error Type (Invalid Format Exception, Max Length Violation, Mandatory Rule Violation, Input Format Exception)


Boolean value determining whether or not to trim white space.


Description of the column.


Date fields support the inputFormat which adheres to the c# .net DateTime.ParseExact format. See here for reference.

inputFormat attribute is useful when source file need some format changes in the input data



Calculated Columns