Polling Event

1. Overview

Version 5.4 of the Cinchy platform introduced data polling, a source option which uses the Cinchy Event Listener to continuously monitor and sync data entries from your SQLServer or DB2 server into your Cinchy table. This capability makes data polling a much easier, effective, and streamlined process and avoids implementing the complex orchestration logic that was previous necessary.

This page outlines how to set up the Polling Event Broker Data Source for a data sync.

Ensure that you have correctly set up your Listener Config prior to setting up your data sync.

Polling Data Source supports DB2 and SQL Server databases.

2. Source Schema

  1. Add in your applicable SQLServer or DB2 server source column(s) (Image 1). See the documentation here for further details on each column type. You can review an example schema here.

2. Filters

You may choose to use CQL to create a filter (Image 2). Review the documentation here for more on filters.

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