Cinchy Table

  • model: this parameter is currently a placeholder and not supported yet

  • domain: the domain of the target table

  • table: the name of the target table

  • suppressDuplicateErrors: a boolean (true or false) that indicates whether duplicate keys in the source are to be reported as warnings or ignored. This is useful if you only want to load the distinct values from a collection of columns from a source (e.g. into a reference table)

Parameters are not supported for domain and table name.

<CinchyTableTarget model="" domain="Cinchy" table="TARGET_SAMPLE" suppressDuplicateErrors="false">
<ColumnMapping sourceColumn="Name" targetColumn="Name-new" />
<ColumnMapping sourceColumn="Number" targetColumn="Number_new" />
<ColumnMapping sourceColumn="Date" targetColumn="Date_new" />
<SyncKeyColumnReference name="Name" />
<NewRecordBehaviour type="INSERT" />
<DroppedRecordBehaviour type="DELETE"/>