Sync Target

Each sync target will have different set of attributes supported, click desired target.

The sync target contains a Column Mapping object, that contains individual mappings from the source column to target column. This implicitly defines the schema of the target as well (to the extent required). It also contains a Sync Key object (which includes at least 1 sync key column) and the sync record behaviours.

Optionally you can also add a Filter and/or Post Sync Script(s).

<ColumnMapping sourceColumn="Source Column Name" targetColumn="Target Column Name" />
<Filter>filter condition</Filter>
<PostSyncScript name="PostSyncScriptName" timeout="200">
<CQL>update domain.table SET column = value where condition</CQL>
<SyncKeyColumnReference name="Target Column Name" />
<NewRecordBehaviour type="INSERT/IGNORE" />
<ChangedRecordBehaviour type="UPDATE/IGNORE" />
<DroppedRecordBehaviour type="DELETE/EXPIRE/IGNORE"/>