This page details how to use Snowflake as a Data Source when configuring a Data Sync.

1. Basic Parameters

In the Load Metadata pop-up (Image 1), enter the following information and click Load:


Connection String

This will be the encrypted connection string.

Unencrypted example:;user=myuser;password=mypassword;db=CINCHY;schema=PUBLIC You can review Snowflake's Connection String guide and parameter descriptions here.


Select either Table or Query. If Table, a new field will appear to enter the table name. If Query, a new field will appear to enter a Select statement.

2. Schema

  1. Add in your applicable column(s) (Image 2). See the documentation here for further details on each column type.

3. Filters

You may choose to use CQL to create a filter (Image 3). Review the documentation here for more on filters.

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