This page details how to use Snowflake as a Data Source when configuring a Data Sync.

1. Basic Parameters

In the Load Metadata pop-up (Image 1), enter the following information and click Load:
Connection String
This will be the encrypted connection string.
Unencrypted example:;user=myuser;password=mypassword;db=CINCHY;schema=PUBLIC You can review Snowflake's Connection String guide and parameter descriptions here.
Select either Table or Query. If Table, a new field will appear to enter the table name. If Query, a new field will appear to enter a Select statement.
Image 1: Load your Metadata

2. Schema

  1. 1.
    Add in your applicable column(s) (Image 2). See the documentation here for further details on each column type.
Image 2: The parameters for a standard column

3. Filters

You may choose to use CQL to create a filter (Image 3). Review the documentation here for more on filters.
Image 3: Adding a Source Filter