Column Mappings

Column mappings defines how a single column from the data source maps to a column in a target table. Each <ColumnMapping> has both a source and a target. If the destination is a Cinchy table and the target column is a link, then a third attribute becomes available called "linkColumn" which is used to specify the column that should be used to resolve the linked record from the source value. The value of sourceColumn should match name attribute of Source . The value of targetColumn should match that of the target table.

Below is an example of a Column Mapping in the experience followed by the equivalent XML. In the experience, the Source Column attribute is a dropdown of columns configured in the Source Section.




The name of the column in the data source. The name corresponds to the user defined name from the <Column> elements in the schema.


The name of the column in the target table. This would be a table that's already created in Cinchy and defined in the Target.


The name of a column from the linked table. If the target column is a linked column from another table, you may input data based on any of the linked table's columns.

If a Destination column is being used as a sync key, its source column has to be set to type=Text regardless of it’s actual type

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