Promoting a Data Sync

When deploying and/or promoting a data sync configuration between environments you can:

  1. Copy and paste the data sync configuration between environments or

  2. Export a filtered view from the Data Sync Configurations table as a CSV and Import the CSV into the target environment or

  3. By using the CinchyDXD utility which is a downloadable utility that allows you to move Data Experiences (DX’s) from one environment to another which includes any data sync configurations required for your DX.

For the full instructions on how to build, package and install a DX, click here.

If you are only looking to promote data sync configurations (and have no other objects in your Data Experience), complete the following to create a DX package for your sync configs.

  1. Download the Cinchy CLI and Cinchy DXD utility (click here for instructions)

  2. Create Data Syncs

  3. Build DX Definition (click here for full instructions)

  4. Export the DX (click here for instructions)

  5. Install the DX (click here for instructions)

Note: in the Data Experience Definition table you will only need to complete Name & Data Sync Configuration(s)

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