SOAP 1.2 Web Service

This page details the configuration parameters for syncing SOAP 1.2 Web Service as a data sync target.

Table of Contents

1. Column Mappings

Configure your Column Mappings for your Target configuration (Image 1). Review the documentation here for more information on Column Mappings.

2. Insert/Update/Delete Request Specification

Input the following parameters for your Insert/Update/Delete Specification Requests (Image 2):


Endpoint URL

The URL for the The SOAP 1.2 Web Service API endpoint

Has Mtom Response

This is required to be true if the SOAP API response contains an attachment outside of the SOAP response message. See this diagram for more information.

Envelope Namespace

The envelope namespace of the SOAP message.


The XML Namespace of the SOAP Environment

2.1 Other Sections

You can add in other sections by selecting the "Add a Section" drop down, and selecting from the list (Image 3).

2.1.2 Request Headers

You can add in Request Headers (Image 4) by reviewing the documentation here.

2.1.2 Body

You can define your Body > Save Data > Data Content (Image 5) in this section.

2.1.3 Variables to Extract

You can define which Variables to Extract (Image 6) here. You can add additional variables as needed.



The name of the variable

Path in Response

Define what the path is to this variable

3. Filter

You can add a filter (Image 7) by reviewing the documentation here.

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