Release Notes for Worker v4.13

New Features

  • Added support for hierarchical JSON paths when using REST API data source — this provides the ability to access properties one level above the specified root when defining the schema for each column

  • Added MySQL as a sync source


  • REST API target allows single and multiple file uploads

  • When the source is a delimited file, a new attribute "useHeaderRecord" is available in the sync config, and defaults to "false"

    • Setting this to "true" means that any fields listed in the source config but not present in the delimited file that is uploaded will be synced to the target with null values

    • If set to "false", if all config fields are not present in the file, the sync will fail with the source error "malformed row"

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that caused sync from LDAPDataSource to malfunction

  • REST API source connector will no longer timeout if it receives a 401 Unauthorized response

  • Parquet data source now allows use of file path parameter

  • Resolved an error that occurred when transformations were used to replace null values

  • Fixed an error where FILENAME function was not being parsed properly when used in a parameter

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