To set up a data synchronization with Cinchy, you will need:

  • To create a data sync configuration

  • A Cinchy Platform instance - make sure you have access to the following Cinchy tables: Data Sync

  • Configurations, Execution Log, Execution Errors, Listener Config

  • For the batch sync: A copy of the CLI to test the data sync configuration

  • For the real time sync: A running listener and worker

If you are creating a real-time sync, you will need to first set up your subscription in the Listener Config table. You can see details for how to set that up in Subscribing to Event Streams.

In both cases, you will need to create a data sync configuration. The data sync configuration defines the source, the mapping to the target, and synchronization behavior. Once the data sync config is created and added to the table in Cinchy, you can test your data sync locally with a copy of the CLI Worker. If the real time sync is set up, you can test by making changes in the source system.

Follow the following sections to see how to:

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