Connections Experience & XML Config Reference

Below is an example XML script to configure a data sync, from the next page onwards there are also corresponding snippets from the Connections experience.

<BatchDataSyncConfig name="Data Sync Config Name" version="1.0.0" xmlns="">
  <Parameters />
      <Column name="Source Column Name"/>
      <CalculatedColumn name="Source Calculated Column Name" formula="CONCAT(a,b)" />
    <Filter>filter condition</Filter>
      <ColumnMapping sourceColumn="Source Column Name" targetColumn="Target Column Name" />
    <Filter>filter condition</Filter>
		<PostSyncScript name="PostSyncScriptName" timeout="200">
			<CQL>update domain.table SET column = value where condition</CQL>
      <SyncKeyColumnReference name="Target Column Name" />
    <NewRecordBehaviour type="INSERT/IGNORE" />
    <ChangedRecordBehaviour type="UPDATE/IGNORE" />
    <DroppedRecordBehaviour type="DELETE/EXPIRE/IGNORE"/>

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