New Features

  • Added a configuration for the Listener where you can choose the initialization and retry behavior when there is a missing or invalid replay ID

  • Parameterized the state file so they can be moved to a shared location seperate from the listener installation location


  • Sticky the worker to use the same node during a single batch execution

  • Added more error messages in the Worker log file and attribute them to Cinchy.Workers.Worker, Cinchy.DataSync.EventProcessor, or Cinchy.DataSync.Data depending on where the error occurred

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the worker stops processing messages after failure in certain unhandled scenarios

  • Fixed a bug where there would be two entries for a single execution in the Execution Log table when the worker loses connection with a source system

  • Fixed a stack overflow exception when loading a fixed width file


Fixed bug where validateData is not rejecting the whole row when data failed validation.


Postsyncscripts are now supported for real-time sync.

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