This page details how to set up MongoDB change stream.

1. Overview

The MongoDB change stream works similar to Cinchy's Change Data Capture functionality. The listener subscribes to monitor the change stream of a specific collection in the database of the MongoDB server. Any actions performed on document(s) inside of that collection are picked up by the listener and sent to the queue.


In order to use change streams in MongoDB, there are a few requirements your environment must meet.

3. Listener Config

The following parameters should be included in your listener configuration entry when setting up a real time sync using MongoDB.

2.1 Topic Column



The name of your MongoDB database.


The name of your MongoDB collection.

Pipeline Stages

Optional. This parameter allows you to specify pipeline stages with filters.

In MongoDB, an aggregation pipeline consists of one or more stages that process documents:

  • Each stage performs an operation on the input documents. For example, a stage can filter documents, group documents, and calculate values.

  • The documents that are output from a stage are passed to the next stage.

  • An aggregation pipeline can return results for groups of documents. For example, return the total, average, maximum, and minimum values. Our example config uses a filter to return documents with an ID between 0 and 10,000 AND documents with the location set to Montreal, OR where the operation type is 'delete'

Example Config

	"database": "cinchy",
	"collection": "employee",
        "changeStreamSettings": {
		"pipelineStages": [
			"{ $match: {
                                       $or: [ 
                                           { $and: [
                                                { '': { $gt: 0, $lt: 10000 } }, 
                                                { 'fullDocument.location': 'Montreal' } ] 
                                           { 'operationType': 'delete' } 
                                } }"

2.2 Connections Attributes Column


Connection String

Your MongoDB connection string.

Example Config

	"connectionString": "mongodb://localhost:9877"

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