Cinchy Data Change

Connection Attributes

Connection attributes are not required to configure a CDC event stream.

Topic JSON

For the topic JSON, you simply need to provide the GUID of the table whose notifications you wish to consume, as well as the columns you wish to include. Note: If you will be using the runQuery=true parameter in your data sync, you only need to include the Cinchy Id in the topic JSON.

Sample Topic JSON

"tableGuid": "16523e54-4242-4156-835a-0e572e862304",
"fields": [
"column": "Name"
"column": "Age"
"column": "Date"
"column": "Choice"
"column": "[Link].[Description]"
"column": "Bool"

Data Sync Configuration

Use Cinchy CDC as the source for CDC notifications.

Sample Data Sync Config

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<BatchDataSyncConfig name="CDC Sync Cinchy Table into Cinchy Table1" version="1.0.0" xmlns="">
<CinchyEventBrokerDataSource runQuery="false">
<Column name="Name" dataType="Text" trimWhitespace="true" isMandatory="false" validateData="false"/>
<Column name="Age" dataType="Number" isMandatory="false" validateData="false"/>
<Column name="Date" dataType="Date" isMandatory="false" validateData="false"/>
<Column name="Choice" dataType="Text" isMandatory="false" validateData="false"/>
<Column name="Bool" dataType="Bool" isMandatory="false" validateData="false"/>
<Column name="Link" dataType="Bool" isMandatory="false" validateData="false"/>
<CinchyTableTarget reconcileData="true" domain="CLI" table="CDCTarget1" suppressDuplicateErrors="false">
<ColumnMapping sourceColumn="Name" targetColumn="Name"/>
<ColumnMapping sourceColumn="Age" targetColumn="Age"/>
<ColumnMapping sourceColumn="Date" targetColumn="Date"/>
<ColumnMapping sourceColumn="Bool" targetColumn="Bool"/>
<ColumnMapping sourceColumn="Choice" targetColumn="Choice"/>
<ColumnMapping sourceColumn="[Link].[Description]" targetColumn="Link1" />
<SyncKeyColumnReference name="Name"/>
<NewRecordBehaviour type="INSERT"/>
<DroppedRecordBehaviour type="DELETE"/>
<ChangedRecordBehaviour type="UPDATE"/>