Calculated Column

<CalculatedColumn> can be defined in addition to the base set that come from the source. The formula can reference execution parameters. The first is an example where the value of this column for each record is whatever the value is of the lob parameter. The second is an example where the values of two columns are concatenating together. Note: the CONCAT function supports more than 2 parameters, and any literal values must be enclosed in single quotes (e.g. 'abc')

<CalculatedColumn name="lob" formula="@lob" dataType="Text" maxLength="100"
isMandatory="false" description="" />
<CalculatedColumn name="name" formula="CONCAT(firstname, lastname)"
dataType="Text" maxLength="100" isMandatory="false"
description="" />



The user defined name for each calculated column. This is used in <ColumnMapping> when you want to indicate the name of the sourceColumn.


CQL expression used to define formula. Supported functions:



CONCAT(colA, colB, 'literal value1', 'literal value2')

Concatenates multiple columns, parameters or literal values together. Supports two or more parameters.


This is the numeric row number of files (Excel, delimited, fixed width). Currently not supported in conjunction with other formulas/parameters.

isnull(colA,'alt value')

If the first column is null, use the second value (can be a literal or another column).


Hashes the column using the algorithm specified.

We recommend you salt your value before you hash it.


The data type of each column could be Text, Date, Number or Bool.


The max length of data in the column.


Boolean value determining if the field is a mandatory column to create a row entry.


Boolean value determining whether or not to validate the data before inserting. Valid data means to fit all the constraints of the column (dataType, maxLength, isMandatory, inputFormat). If the data is not valid and validateData is true, then the entry will not be synced into the table. Also, Execution Errors Table is updated with appropriate Error Type (Invalid Format Exception, Max Length Violation, Mandatory Rule Violation, Input Format Exception)


Description of the column.